tungsten carbide 0.5 - 2 micronUnited Wolfram quality tungsten carbide powder (WC) is produced by carburization in a hydrogen atmosphere with a mixture of tungsten metal powder and pure black carbon.

United Wolfram provides a wide range of tungsten carbides with Standard Quality Grades and Distribution, Tungsten carbide is a high performance material formed from tungsten and carbon. Its most outstanding property is its hardness, which approaches that of a diamond.

Tungsten carbide is primarily used in the production of a wide variety of industrial tools and wear parts that are subject to a great deal of stress, Cemented Tungsten Carbides, Cutting Tools, Rolls & Die, Diamond Tools, Mining Tools, Many high performance processes, such as metal drilling, turning and milling, are only possible with the industrial application of tungsten carbide in carbide tools.

United Wolfram Provides very fine grade Tungsten Carbides with an average grain size of approx. 1.0 µm to very large average grain sizes of approx. 20 µm. Moreover, Nano crystalline tungsten carbides are being tested in new applications and for increasing hardness.

Certified quality management ensures the high quality of our tungsten carbides with continuous analysis of its properties. In this way, our customers can rely upon the consistent, high quality of the products we supply, enabling them to produce high quality tools while reducing their own process costs.